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Serving Successful Families, Pre-Retirees, Business Owners, Widows & Divorcees in Connecticut, California, and the entire United States


Blair Capital Management is based out of Norwalk, CT, and serves clients not only in Connecticut but also in California and across the United States. As a fiduciary, fee-only registered investment advisory firm, I take care of clients in different stages of life, including widowhood, divorce, pre-retirement, and retirement. I founded Blair Capital Management after decades in the trenches of Wall Street witnessing firsthand how the largest institutions and hedge funds combine to aspire to wealth preservation and growth.

Who I Serve

My clients include successful individuals and families who periodically go through life transitions such as widowhood or divorce. Other clients are business owners who realize that outsourcing the financial aspect of their businesses makes the most sense practically speaking as well as financially. Many clients come to me while working toward their ideal retirement life. They know that forward-thinking preparation is the best way to get the most out of their life’s assets and to feel confident those assets will last for the long run.


Blair Capital Management offers services that meet you where you are right now. If you’re in the middle of your career, I work with you on your entire financial picture and advise you on how to work toward your short- and long-term financial goals. If you have built up a sizable portfolio, I thoroughly analyze your current investments and make suggestions based on wealth preservation and, ultimately, growth over loss in the long term. If you are nearing retirement, I help optimize your retirement income planning. If you are looking ahead at the next generations, I collaborate with your other financial partners on your estate and legacy planning.

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